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LifeLong Memories Preserved in elegant LEAD crystal

Finger print detail casting by K. Little Glass is designed to forever preserve you or your loved one's hands in lead crystal.  Whether celebrating an anniversary by memorializing you and your partners hands clasped together or wishing to always remember the shapes and lines in the palms of someone special to you, these castings are a touching memento to last more than just a lifetime. 


Join us in our Carmel-by-the-Sea studio for a one on one experience.  During this session we create the initial impression of your hands using a non-toxic, skin safe rubber that coats the hands entirely.  With this impression, studio artists at K. Little will spend the next two weeks creating a heat-resistant mold based on the impression of your hands.  This heat resistant mold is filled with lead crystal glass of your color choice and heated in a kiln to over 1,400 degrees.  The lead crystal inside the mold is then cooled slowly to room temperature and stabilized through a process called annealing to prevent any fracturing.  

What is Lead Crystal Glass?

Lead crystal is a form of glass that uses lead-oxide as an additive to create a higher viscosity and optical clarity.  The higher viscosity allows for the molten glass to take on the finger print detail found in our castings while creating a brilliant optical clarity not often found in kiln-cast glass.