Teen Summer Camp

$500 /One week / Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Ages 13-18

Join the K.Little Glass Studio in a week long class focusing on teaching young artists the fundamentals of glass casting, fusing and stained glass. Each participant will design and fabricate their own works of art throughout the week including fused dishes, and a stained glass window hanging.  No prior experience necessary.  

Coming Back Summer 2020!

Introduction to Fusing: Glass Serving Dish

Introduction to Fusing.jpg

$245 / One day class

In this one day introduction to the basics of fusing, students will design and create a small rectangular glass serving dish.  The class will begin with examining the elements of glass design and move on to the more technical aspects of fusing such as cutting and grinding sheet glass, glass compatibility, and fabrication of dimensional glass dishes.  At the end of one day, students will have a glass pattern ready for placement into the kiln for fusing. 

Register for SePT. 21 / 11am - 5pm

Register for Oct. 26 / 11am - 5PM

Register for Nov. 16 / 11am - 5PM

Fuse Sampler: Small Glass Dish

$155 / 4 hour class

This class is an introduction to glass fusing and slumping.  Students will design, cut and assemble flat glass into the shape of a small dish using techniques such as scoring, grozing and grinding glass.  The designs will be fused in a kiln over night to create one homogenous piece of glass. 

register for Oct. 12 / 12pm - 4pm

register for Nov. 22 / 12pm - 4pm


Introduction to Stained Glass

$320 / 2 Day Class for groups, 1 day class for Individual

In this two day class, students will immerse themselves in the introductory to intermediate techniques of traditional copper-foil stained glass.  Each student will have the option to design their own simplified geometric pattern, or choose from a variety of pre-made patterns.  This hands on class is a great first time experience for anyone who has ever been interested in diving into the world of stained glass.  No prior experience necessary. 

Register For Oct. 5 - 6 / 11am - 5pm and 12pm - 5PM

Introduction to stained glass.jpg

Stained Glass Night Light

$225 / One Day Class

In this one day class, students will learn the basics of copper-foil stained glass techniques, popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 20th century.  Each student will design their own night light using techniques such as glass cutting, glass grinding, copper foil wrapping and soldering.  Night lights will be ready to take home the very same day.  

Contact Studio to register for a class.

Stained Glass Night Light.jpg


Studio also available for private classes and events.

Contact the studio for availability and pricing.